Help on writing custom apps with qgis api

Help on writing custom apps with qgis api

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:


Creating OL3 applications from QGIS using the Web App Builder plugin (Victor Olaya)



QGIS API Documentation: Class List – Welcome to the QGIS.

Following up on last week’s post, Nyall has continued his work on the QGIS gradient editor: Latest version of the new QGIS interactive gradient edit…  


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development – What do I need to know, to develop a plugin.

Add this to PATH variable replace “C: Program Files QGIS Valmiera” with QGIS install location : C: Program Files QGIS Valmiera bin;C: Program Files QGIS Valmiera…  


  • help on writing custom apps with qgis api
  • writing custom apps with qgis api

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